n, so he has nothing to worry about it Say Zhang Zhusi, she is still a girl, still underage, uncertain heart, today think Liu Sijian good, like him, tomorrow may be looking at what other men handsome, and like him, and this is likely to happen. She just do their own, so that they become Liu Xi Jian s helpless, it would be good, she did not need to worry about anything. Back to the chapter of the white house of the house, is already the time to eat dinner, and all tea wine, Zhang Baihu are account of the kitchen, properly arranged, Needless to say. Including Choujin Leopard, everyone is surrounded by a round of a large table and sit, eat and drink, although not drunk, afraid of delaying things tomorrow, NCDA Network Appliance Certification but it is full and scattered. Liu NCDA it exam Sijian is arranged in the west of a r. oom, is on the second floor. Choujin Leopard is arranged in the middle of a room, where the distance from the White Tiger recently, easy to talk about the two, their relationship, it touches the temperature is very fast. Zhang Zhuzi Although the sister in law dissatisfaction, but still have to follow Anqing, sleeping in the east of Anqing s bedroom, in all fairness, she did not want Feng Ling children with Liu Sijian living room, but she was blocked, people have shown

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