derstand the Huns invasion of the kind of cruel, after all, the history of the book is not a photo video, intuitive feeling is not strong. Finally quiet outside, Yun Yue want to go out, but the cloud grandmother eyes to stop. I do not know how long after, grandmother could not help. She tried to push the cellar heavy door, even when the cries out. Behind the women who catch the cloud grandmother, with children from the door crowded out. Yun Yue embarrassed and women grab, walking in the last. When he walked out of the cellar. , the yard had been crying for groaning. Daniel body in the courtyard door, his head has been flying to the rocks. Two dark body was cut into three sections, arms and legs were thrown RHCSA it exam east a West one. The little head was haunted in the yard with the hair. Solidified blood RHCSA like black earthworms, covered with rough old bark. Yun Yue stay on the spot, how did not think just fresh life, this time has become a torn apart chunk. He could have been in the cellar, and RedHat Certification their own escape the catastrophe. Can make room for their own, bu. t was alien tragic killing. Chapter 3 Hunting History books, history class. Yun Yue countless times the teacher talked about the nomadic people to kill, but when the bloody reality show in front of the cloud or shock is difficult to add. The

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